Made in New York Exhibition at Schweinfurth Art Center

I attended the opening reception of the state-wide juried art exhibition called "Made in New York" at the Schweinfurth Museum in Auburn New York on Saturday night. I was very surprised and extremely honored to have been awarded "Best in Show" for my sculptural book, Mechanized Shorthand Device Plucked From a Stenographer's Dream. I was delighted that many of my friends had work in this fine show as well: Anita Welych, Lisa Gregg Whitman, Leigh Yardley, Kim Carr Valdez, Gary Trento and Gail Hoffman. Anita, Leigh and Gail also won prizes for their fine work. I had a chance to meet and talk to several exhibiting artists and board members of the museum. Thank you all for your sincere interest in my work.

If a piece of artwork makes me want to run home and work or sticks in my mind for days I consider it  great. Donalee Peden Wesley's stunning tripych Sheep's Clothing Altar Piecehas haunted me ever since Saturday night.  I have enjoyed seeing her work in numerous exhibitions over the years and each piece seems more extraordinary than the last . One of these days I hope to meet her and tell her in person. If you happen to be in the Auburn area between now and May 25, 2014 stop in and view this eclectic exhibition